Tag: technology

  • Part-time On-Campus Job Search for International Graduate Students

    A graduate school project to redesign the part-time/student job search process for international students.

  • Non-Profit Fundraising and Management Platform

    Designing and developing a donations and Peer-to-Peer (P2P) fundraising platform and financial backend that seamlessly routes funds to the affiliated charity in the country where the donor resides.

  • Optimizing Online Donations

    My first and probably longest running role at TCF was optimizing the online donations process and building an analytics funnel for the marketing team.

  • Tagger: Bulk UTM Links

    Tagger is a tool to create UTM-tagged links in bulk.

  • Goodreads Ratings on Overdrive

    Creating a simple browser add-on to show the Goodreads rating of ebooks and audiobooks directly on Overdrive library pages

  • Green Cresent Trust

    Green Crescent Trust is a non-profit organization in Pakistan. I was asked to revamp their digital presence.


    Miscellaneous design work done when I was an active member of AIESEC in Pakistan.

  • What is Design?

    What is design? Here’s a definition and my opinion on what a designer does, and why this matters.