Tag: Academic

  • Simplifying International Donations and Enabling P2P Fundraising

    screenshot of a fundraiser page on tcfglobal.org

    Designing and developing a donations and Peer-to-Peer (P2P) fundraising platform and financial backend that seamlessly routes funds to the affiliated charity in the country where the donor resides.

  • Helping international graduate students make informed decisions about on-campus jobs

    screenshot showing an interface from the prototype

    Redesigning a part-time on-campus job search portal for international graduate students

  • Optimizing Online Donations

    Revamping the mental model of donating to support a child’s education. Optimizing the online donations process and building an end-to-end analytics funnel for the marketing team.

  • Tagger: Bulk UTM Links

    Building a tool to automate a tedious marketing task: creating UTM-tagged links at scale.

  • Goodreads Ratings on Overdrive

    A browser add-on to show the Goodreads rating of ebooks and audiobooks directly on Overdrive library pages

  • Warfare 2.0

    Cyber warfare is coming, say security experts and analysts. Does “War 2.0” just mean the use of computer networks to achieve the same ends as its traditional bullets-and-blood predecessor, or has war really evolved into a different, if not altogether new, form?

  • The Next Frontier

    Wars have been fought by man throughout history. A new frontier has recently emerged which despite being around for many years, has only recently begun to be used as a weapon – cyberspace.

  • The Problem with Windows Vista

    Windows Vista has transformed into a poster child for epic failures. System administrators cringe at the very mention of its name, running for cover, fondling their XP CDs. But like so many preconceived notions, the idea that Vista is the bane of modern computers is ridiculous. Many would have you believe it is true, but…