Goodreads Ratings on Overdrive

As a big fan of the community at and an avid user of Overdrive to borrow ebooks and audiobooks from the library, I often find myself switching back and forth between the two to look up reviews. One day I thought why not integrate the two somehow?

A couple hours of tinkering later, the result was a script that looks up the Goodreads rating of whichever book you’re browsing on the Overdrive library page, showing the information right there on the page, as well as creating a handy link to the book’s listing on Goodreads.

This simple browser add-on shows the Goodreads rating of ebooks and audiobooks directly on Overdrive library pages. No more switching tabs and searching manually!

link to Chrome Web Store

You can add it to Firefox, Chrome, or Edge using the buttons above.

Here is how the rating from appears

That’s all it does currently and I don’t have any additional features planned, although I might look into an “add to shelf” button as well – this would require the user to login to Goodreads via OAuth.

You can view the source code or open issues on GitHub.

I developed it a couple of days ago, initially as a Tampermonkey/Greasemonkey script. In the interest of keeping it as simple as possible to setup and use, I decided to try my hand at the new WebExtension framework, which turned out to be quite easy to port.

Since the WebExtension format is cross-compatible with Google Chrome as well, I’ll be uploading it to the Chrome Web Store as well.