Category: Thought

  • TCF Global Fundraising

    One of my major projects for TCF was leading the design and development of a new global Peer-to-Peer (P2P) fundraising portal for the organization.

  • Goodreads Ratings on Overdrive

    Creating a simple browser add-on to show the Goodreads rating of ebooks and audiobooks directly on Overdrive library pages

  • Green Cresent Trust

    Green Crescent Trust is a non-profit organization in Pakistan. I was asked to revamp their digital presence.


    Miscellaneous design work done when I was an active member of AIESEC in Pakistan.

  • What is Design?

    What is design? Here’s a definition and my opinion on what a designer does, and why this matters.

  • The “I” in AIESEC

    From the summer of 2011 to the spring of 2014, I was a part of AIESEC, a global youth organization working towards leadership development. 2.5 years later, I look back at some things I’ve learned from the experience.

  • The Great Divide

    As we struggle to wrap our minds around the outcome of the Pakistan elections and reconcile reality with the expectations, aspirations, hopes and dreams associated with the ballot, one question remains. What’s worse? That the 2013 elections were rigged on such a massive scale, or that Pakistan’s “educated class” has completely lost touch with the masses?

  • Making Jest

    In the absurdities of the last few days over the Long March in Pakistan and what can only be called the resulting chaos, while news channels and dime-a-dozen analysts revel in the cha-ching of advertising money as the nation tunes in to watch the political primetime drama, most of Pakistan seems to have lost sight of the realities of life in the country.